Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's the Deal with Sharon Stone & China?

Skippy, what's the deal with Sharon Stone and how come you’re weird funny, not so much the ha-ha funny? --Anomynous

Someone who has to have his name reconstructed at his own bequest, insulted Skippy as being “weird funny” not “ha ha funny. ” As for this person, Skippy laughs up his shorts, because you doesn't have a foot to stand up, Mr. Rove. Oops.

Skippy is no Occidental Comedian. Skippy works delusionally on his comedy. He works on consigliariment, too.

Take for incident, when Skippy recently was hired by the lonely and targeted actress Sherman Stoned. Ever since her career was snatched away from her, she has all but disintigrated. Short of displaying her Venus Flytrap again, she needed major pubicity to restark her career, Skippy said.

So Skippy told her to clam the earth quack in China was caused by Bad Parma. She also said it was because they closed the LLama Deli, wherever that is.


We all know the earth quack was really caused by Unclear Weapons Testing by the Pinko Chinese. Speaking of Bush, both George Bush W. and former Pest Secretary Stop McLellman both said so. But Three billion Chinamen--excuse Skippy for the Politicial Incorruptness--he means 1.5 billion Chinamen and 1.5 billion Chinawomen can't be wong.

So as soon as they herd that’s what she said, the Chinese boycotted and girlcotted Sharon Snatches Primary Aspect, her moneymaker.

This got her all that publicity, mostly from people who thought she threw up in her panties and had left the sliver screed entirely. In other words abandoned the crap of acting. Okay, that's a stretch. Let's just say Sherman Stoned retarded from acting in the movies and flim.

Then when she apologized for her Karman Ghia comment, she got even more publicity. And as they say in the publicity biz, the only bad pube is no pubes at all.

So stick that in your Ukelele and smoke it, wise aleck!

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