Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skippy Asks: How Do You Brush Cat Teeth?

As some of you long term Skippy fans have already knew, Skippy has to have had four cats since he had the plate installed, all named “Mr. Whiskers.”(The cats, not the Plate)

First there was “Mr. Whiskers,” then “Mr. Whiskers the Second,” then “Mr. Whiskers the Fourth,” which was because Skippy forgot what number it was, and then “Mr. Whiskers” again because Skippy didn't know whether to call him the second or the fifth.

Mr. Whiskers

They are all currently dead except for the present Mr. Whiskers. The most recently Mr. Whiskers to croak died a tragic death by hanging when Mama and he went for a walk and Mr. Whiskers the Fourth excaped from Mama who ran up a tree. That is Mr. Whiskers ran up a tree, not Mama, who doesn't climb trees since she took a header and fractured her female bone.

Anyway, Mr. Whiskers the Fourth stranguled to death of strangulation, which was very sad, when he slipped from the tree and his leash got caught. Yes, Skippy knows that many cats do not like to be on a leash, but until his untimed death, Mr. Whiskers the Fourth loved a leash, which he would fetch and bring to Mama when he wanted to be walked. And vice versa.

So the new Mr. Whiskers who has really nice teeth which Skippy wants to to keep that way. Now Skippy wonders how do one should brush a cat’s teeth?

Skippy bought a oral dentalfrice to get them clean so they don't get periodominal disease.
Skippy read you should never give a cat gum or gin so Mr. Whiskers won’t get gum disease or Gin Givitis.

When Skippy tried to brush Mr. Whiskers teeth, Mr. Whiskers scratched him so bad he had to go to the emergency to which Floyd droved in his new Peterbilt. Floyd makes the best pie.

The Late Mr. Whiskers the Fourth (r)

Skippy guesses the question is: now what? Should Skippy keep trying to brush Mr. Whiskers teeth? Can he get Cat Crap Fever? Floyd said Skippy should get the cat drunk first.

Please if anyone knows, answer because Mr. Whiskers teeth are getting strained and Skippy’s open sours are turning into pistols and might get infectioned.

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