Friday, April 11, 2008

Where is Christopher Columbus Buried?

(Question emailed from R. Feder, Ft. Lee, NJ.)

Excellent question, Fathead. There is great constipation about the location of where Columbo is buried. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in the Nino, the Pinto and the Mongo Santamaria. When he uncovered "America," he named it after Queen United States of Spain, his sponsor and concubine, who had purchased the naming rights.

Like many Alivo-Americans, Columbo chose not to be buried until after he had perspired posthumously. Hence, there is still questions about whether his remainders were buried in Spain or in the island nation of Dominico Modugno.

Although Columbo originally shuffled off this mortal boil in Spain in 1506, his last Will and Testicles requested that his body be interned "in the New World, as long as it isn’t Jersey." Recent DNA tests have inconcluded that some of Columbo’s relatives are alive and others are decreased and living in Seville, Spain, where his father was a barber.

Ironically, Christopher Columbus, the flim director who directed Homo Lone and Harvey Potter and the Chamber of Commerce is not a offspring or any other season of Christopher Columbus, the dead guy, or Columbo the detective, starring Peter Falk.

There am no data Skippy could come up regarding likeage or dislikeage of Lemon Meringue Pie on behalf of Columbus.

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