Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's the Deal with the Roadrunner?

Question from W.E. Coyote, Framingham, MA)

The Roadrunner, (Runningbirdus WarnerBrosi) is the state bird of New Mexico. (State capitol of New Mexico is Santa Fe. State Cactus: Saguaro. State Hole in the Ground: Carlsbad Caverns. State Festival: Roswell Abductionfest. State motto: "Are we there yet?")

The Roadrunner is also known as a Chapparal Cock (tee-hee) and was officially adopted as such of which in 1949.

The bird averages 22 inches in length, and has been clocked at 17 MPH (32 Celcius). The Roadrunner can fly short distances but prefers walking, running, or, when threatened or hurried, will usually just grab a cab.

Other American state birds include the Ostrich, the state bird of Cleveland, Eldericus Herbraica, state bird of Florida, the Cuckoo, (California), The Bald Eagle, (state bird of Telly Savalas), and the Middle Finger, the state bird of New Jersey.

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